Thursday, April 8, 2010

current obsessions

Christian Louboutin Miss Fortune Slingbacks

I have been obsessssed with these since i saw them on Kourtney Kardashian's blog. They are the PERFECT spring/summer heeled sandal. They look perfect with sundresses and dress up cut off shorts and a tee. I NEEED these shoes!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

I LOVE this bag i recently bought the speedy 30 bag in the damier print, which is a classic bag buttt I'm now obsessing over this bag. The neverfull bag is so classic and timeless and can carry out into your adult years. I could totally use this as a diaper bag when I have children. (can you tell that I like to make myself feel better when I purchase something :)

Big Black Floppy Hats

Since summer is coming up that means BEACH TIME. I LOVE floppy hats and I love the color back so black floppy hats just fit! They make anybody look completely chic at the beach. Pair a hat with HUGE sunglasses and an adorable bathing suit and your completely set for the pool or beach!

Diamond Studs

There is nothing more classy than diamond studs. Diamond studs can make anything classy. Take a pair of jeans and a plain tee shirt and put your hair in a bun and your ready to go. I LOVE diamond studs there's just something i love about them!

True Religion Jeans

I've loved true religion jeans since i saw Jessica Simpson wearing them. (did i mention I'm also obsessed with her) I always wanted a pair but could never fathom putting a hundred something dollars for a pair of jean. I finally got two pairs and I'm loving them. I love the ones with the flap on them they make your butt look sooooo much better than it really is!


Hulu is basically God's gift to people who have NO time management aka me! I HATE waiting around for my shows to come on and then putting things off till after and then being tired after my show and not getting them done, butttttt with hulu all my shows are there whenever I want to watch them and whenever I'm bored. I LOVE it and if you haven't checked it out,GO DO IT!

Desperate Housewives

Last but certainly not least is Desperate Housewives, I honestly CANNOT tell you how must I love this show I have watched every episode AT LEAST 3 times,if not more. I know every character and their background. My favorite character is Bree,we're very much alike. I can't even put into words how much I'm obsessed with show. Ask me any question and I can pretty much answer it :)